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Jim -

I took the boat apart this weekend and learned alot of stuff. First, I have an orange wire, probably 8-10 AWG, going from the POS lead of the alternator direct to the starter. Then, there is a 2 AWG battery lead going from the starter to my Perko Battery Switch COMMON terminal. I did not find any wire going directly from the alternator to either battery. This is how my dealer wired in my isolator and battery switch and it worked fine. Now, I am getting rid of the isolator and running only the Perko switch (for now, I may add a Borg Warner Relay down the road or a battery combiner). So, what am I missing. I know a few threads back you said there should be a wired going from the alternator direct to the battery - which battery, Engine or Stereo???

Thanks for the help. I will post another block diagram later this evening of how I am planning on wiring my batteries and Perko Switch.
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