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Yesterday I also got two small surprises. 1:Learned I have a big fuel filter on passenger side of tank, will work at getting it apart and cleaning. 2: I had "access" covers installed in the floor under the tank. They were sealed down completely. I had to unscrew and pry them off they were stuck to the foam insulation. Someone had "repaired" the swim platform previously. They used 1/4" stainless bolts with nylocks no washers or backing plates. It LEAKED the foam was wet the transom appears to be in good shape still. The top nuts were just above the floor and had been epoxied in. My thoughts on repair was to use a stainless backer plate with 5/16" bolts welded. Stick the bolts out the holes as studs, epoxy and glass the inside. Bolt the bracket back on with cap nuts so it looks pretty. do you see any problems with the stud method or should I bolt from the outside in? TB
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