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Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
That $%#@ makes be so dang hungry I could!!!!!!!!! I am trying that recipe tomorrow. Old Bay is sort of scarce around here though. It is an eastern spice, Chesepeak (spelling?).

Get steamer pot
Put one beer, some water, some cider vinegar in the bottom
Add one layer of live blue crabs
Sprinkle crabs with Old Bay, cayenne pepper, and salt
Add another layer of crabs
Sprinkle again
Repeat until pot is full or you run out of crabs
Put lid on pot
Put pot on stove
Put stove on "high"
Crack open a beer and drink it while the crabs are steaming

Serve with cider vinegar spiked with Old Bay seasoning (do NOT dip the crab meat in butter -- save the butter for the lobsters). Save leftover crabs for crabcakes.
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