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Originally Posted by MarkP
Hey Captain.. What Gives?? Is this your team ??
I have only seen clips of this prior to just now. I watched it for the first time all the way through, and I have to say it isn't as bad as I thought it was. Yea, this is my team. Everyone made fun of the Bears in 85 with the Superbowl Shuffle and who got the last laugh.

Sorry guys, we have waited 15 years for this, were not going to blow it to Pits-puke. The Bengals have grown up since these teams played the first time. Bengals will win by 4, 34-30. Ultimately Worthlessburger will falter (again) and the 'bus' will ride off into the sunset with a fat....ooops I mean flat tire.

Happy Trails 'Cower Power'

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