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Originally Posted by Workin' 4 Toys
Anybody with a Diesel on here ever put an exhaust or any other type of system on there rigs and get any durability out of them. I know people that put kits on, brag about the power and the gains, but get rid of them before I have an opportunity to see the durability behind them.
well, my cummins had 200k on it when I put exhaust/k&n/new turbine/new (bigger)injectors in it, and haven't had problem one with it. Did it all myself, only complaint after 50k is that it smokes some when cold, and smokes quite a bit when you are getting on it in 3rd/4th, (but I don't have to smell it!). Mileage stayed where it was, and driving it is like night or day, hauls boat with camper like it used to accelerate empty....hope this is what you were looking for!
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