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Torsion bar failure. Are you saying the torsion bar fatigue and sagging front ends are less likely to happen on a GM IFS than a coil or leaf sprung live axle set up. I suppose it depends on the description of failure.

DO NOT misunderstand me. I own both GMC Yukon and Ford F 250, I am not knocking either. (Just stating why I would not buy a GM pickup truck)

I know, my ford has a modified version of the 60 called a 50. 75K on the ticker with ZERO issues and has seen some off roading and LOTS of towing. And lots more to come. It drives straight as an arrow, and it has 33" Nitto tires.
I ordered my truck from the factory with a manual shift transfer case, and manual hubs. I will do the next the same. If its not available that way, I will make it. Even if I have to go to Dynatrac.
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