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Originally Posted by Diesel
I hear this alot and I don't understand it?? What is it about the GM IFS suspension that you do not think is tough?

Unless you are going to the lift the truck does it really matter??
GM IFS is for Corvettes and other cars. Leave it that way....
Axles, bearings, steering components, differential housing all weak in my perspective. I hate that torsion bar type set up, and to know a twisted piece of bar is all that keeps the entire from of the truck off the ground. Sure it rides like a car, but that is NOT why I buy a truck. THE only thing that keeps me clear out of the GM lots is that entire front end system(when we talk about trucks), If they would put a live axle under it already, give me some beefy hubs and a manual shift lever for it, I would own one or more. And I know as a fact, there would be a line of others to get them too.
I look at the underside and think to myself it might as well be a car, and I wouldn't want to haul anything with one.
Its a good grocery getter.
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