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Originally Posted by captkidd
I put the small "Team MasterCraft" sticker on the rear window of my truck. I certainly didn't do it to be a snob; most folks don't even know what a MasterCraft is. I did it primarily for recognition from other MC owners, and because I'm proud of the MC. Obviously if I'm towing it there's no need for the decal, but it's for when I'm not towing it, just as a reminder.

I also put a small American flag on the other side, but I guess that's unnecessary too, since I'm obviously an American?

What I don't understand is why people leave the stickers/plaque/license frame from the car dealer on the back of their vehicle? Unless they're paying me to endorse their dealership, that thing's coming off as soon as I get home. I especially don't understand why they leave the sticker from a different brand on there (i.e., a "Bob's Nissan" sticker or license plate frame on their Toyota). This just points out the fact that you bought it used, not that there's anything wrong with that (in fact it's usually a better idea), but it just looks weird.
I keep my license plate cover on, because I do promote the local chevy dealership, and it is cool to see where people are from when you are driving! Now on the other hand keeping other dealerships on the car like you said driving a geo metro(not to out down a metro) with a Mercedes benz dealership on it bothers me! When I buy a used car I change them right away!
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