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Originally Posted by captkidd
What I don't understand is why people leave the stickers/plaque/license frame from the car dealer on the back of their vehicle? Unless they're paying me to endorse their dealership, that thing's coming off as soon as I get home. I especially don't understand why they leave the sticker from a different brand on there (i.e., a "Bob's Nissan" sticker or license plate frame on their Toyota). This just points out the fact that you bought it used, not that there's anything wrong with that (in fact it's usually a better idea), but it just looks weird.
I did this once with a Mistsubishi that I bought at a Toyota Dealer. I left the front toyota dealer plate on because it perfectly covered up a dent in the front bumper. I took it off once, and the dent became very obvious and ugly. On my current car, the dealer stickers didn't last 5 minutes in my driveway.

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