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Originally Posted by Larryp
I have been busy busy at work so I have not used board in a while. My opinion on this is the same with a harley sticker. If you want someone to know you ride a harley, ride the harley. If you want them to know you have a mastercraft, go to the lake. I have wanted to say this for a long time.
I don't care if anyone knows I ride/own one. I want it to be a constant reminder in my rear view mirror, I have something to work my A55 off for. And it isn't to make my boss rich!!! And that I don't just drive my FUEL PIG for the sake of driving it. It works its A55 off too....
And as for the Harley sticker. There are a few people I know who use the stickers as a dream decal. I guess sort of like a wishful thinking sticker. That if they display it, someday their dreams of owning one may come true. I don't have a Harley or a decal, but I may now get one for the same reason...
By the way, are you the same one that would Remove all the decals from your MC because you don't care if anyone knows what it is but you.

I am D*mn proud of what I have and what I work hard for. And if I feel like showing off a bit. I am going to. JM2C.
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