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Originally Posted by Datdude
Ski Doos are better. Arctic Cats are unreliable seem to break down A LOT . We used to pull people on snow skis when I was a kid until my neighbor broke his leg on our lake . Tubes would be fun......might have to try that this winter.
Sorry to say, but ALL of them break down. My Cat has yet to, oh wait, that might be because I just bought it. And my yami, well its a 2 stroke 2 cyl, what can I say, maybe the one exception to my comment.....

Hopefully never, but the inevitable will happen. Especially riding them as you described before.
And as for ride quality. Most riders don't have any idea how to set up their suspensions for themselves. Rather ride as is, which from the most part, is not the best from the factory. And on top of that, alot of riders do not have their shocks rebuilt annually. In which significantly decreases ride quality.
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