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We used to ride some in Twin Lakes, Wisc. But due to lake of snow these last few years we found our way up to Hayward, Gogibic, and western U.P. some of the guys have family up there, so it is somewhat easy. Although 8 hours away. Last year one trip took us 14 hours to get there because of a huge storm on the way through Madison on up.

Sorry about the lower Mich suggestion, I was thinking you were closer than you are.

I would certainly be up for a trip for a day or so up by you. The trips we have booked are done, set in stone. We have alot of people to make arrangements for and has to be done early so we can fit everyone.

But the other weekends are somewhat open. We could get together sometime up there. You will have to keep me up to date on you weather. I am assuming you start to get hit within the next week or so and hopefully keep it through March. But you never know. I think it is going to be an outstanding year for snow. (My meteorlogical intuition)

It's a HOT NOV 3, 70 degrees here today... YUK!! And the boats put away, double YUK!!!

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