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Originally Posted by Datdude
I am really not brand loyal,but I rode the REV and was hooked. I used to ride a 2002 MXZ 700 and it was a great sled, but after a 100+ mile day on the trails my back was shot. Since I have switched to the REV I have honestly not gotten off the sled with a sore back...even after a few 250 mile days. Being able to ride standing straight up for 50 plus miles through the washboards that are Northern Wisconsin trails (Fri-Sun) is PRICELESS. I have heard some complain that their knees get sore, but I have not experienced that. As soon as any other manufacturer comes out with a truly "rider forward" sled I will take a look. We should get a TMC sled trip set up for those who are interested. I would put my vote in for Minocqua, but that could be discussed if it all works out
So far, we are booked for the first week in Jan, Feb and March.
We are going to head up for the winterfest and Wienie roast events. Both of which are race oriented, but lots of fun for those that don't. Including the world's largest wienie roast...
We will FOR SURE be heading to lower Mich as soon as it snows(and it will, as always). I have Eric on my inform list when we hit it, (if he doesn't have to work )
I am all for a trip...

You ever hit lower Mich? We had about a 60 mile ride last season, and we met up with 6 others on the trails we ended up riding with the rest of the day, including hitting a lunch stop and fuel with.
it's no where near as rider friendly as N. Wisc. but it was only an 1 1/2 away, and our riders with kids (including myself find it much easier to break away for a day run instead of 3 or 4 day)
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