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I am really not brand loyal,but I rode the REV and was hooked. I used to ride a 2002 MXZ 700 and it was a great sled, but after a 100+ mile day on the trails my back was shot. Since I have switched to the REV I have honestly not gotten off the sled with a sore back...even after a few 250 mile days. Being able to ride standing straight up for 50 plus miles through the washboards that are Northern Wisconsin trails (Fri-Sun) is PRICELESS. I have heard some complain that their knees get sore, but I have not experienced that. As soon as any other manufacturer comes out with a truly "rider forward" sled I will take a look. We should get a TMC sled trip set up for those who are interested. I would put my vote in for Minocqua, but that could be discussed if it all works out
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