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Originally Posted by datdude
The Mach Z came out as a 2005 model, and I bought the Gade in 2004. The Mach Z does not really fit my riding style, and the 800ho has more than enough juice for me.. We spend most of our time riding the powerlines and boondocking in the U.P. so the longer track(136") works well. My buddy had a 2005 Mach Z and it was fun if you spend all of your time lake racing(LAME). It is fun to go 110 mph for a while, but I would rather pick a line through tight trees up a hill in waist deep snow and try not getting stuck. Even trail riding is getting boring for me as of late. The new 1000cc Renegade is a cool looking sled and my dealer friend has one as his demo so I am sure I will spend some time on it this Winter, but I still don't see where I need a 1000. I am actually trying to downgrade to a 440 again. They are so light and just a blast to ride
I hear that. I don't have the means for storing a ton of sleds like my buddies do. Alot of them have many. One guy has about 10. Some of which include 600's on up through 1200cc's He is a Polaris guy as is his daughter, and her husband. A polaris family persay.
I wish I could comment more on Doos. The one guy that has a Mach Z from last year, NEVER once came on any trips with us last year. He sold his F7 for it. We seem to think it was because there are 3 other F7's in the group, and he wanted something different. I still don't know if he ever actually uncovered it yet.
The other doo around is owned by a non doo guy, although it isn't a factory sled, he took a 583 sled and put in a 440 fan. He uses it as his beater sled.
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