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Also.... Had a question re: batteries.

I'll totally start a new thread since this is electrical, but going with this system I had a question. Apologize in advance for any etiquette fupa we are crossing...

When we were trying to figure out the charging issue, I swapped out one of the lead cells for a blue top optima. Right now I have the lead cell in "the hole", and have the Optima alongside running the sound. I used to get 4-5 hours of play time with the old lead cell and the AB amps... This last week we would get maybe 3 hours before the low batt alarm. Some one before mentioned that the lead cell might be better for the sub and related as it can take the sub "hit" better than the dry cell...

First is this true, and second, should we swap the Optima to the starting and lead for the sound? Or go back to all lead cell?

One idea was to put the Optima as our starting/boat batt, and take the two lead cells and put them in parallel for sounds... Thoughts?
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