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Crack is whack

My 05 XStar's vinyl has been straight cracked out since I bought from OO in 2012.

Surprisingly, vinyl has held up better than expected with copious amounts of 303 during the summer months. My bi-weekly routine for all my seats is:

-liberally spray LA's Totally Awesome and scrub with a damp clean rag before TA dries
-hose off seats and wipe dry (X2)
-spray 303 on all seams, cracks, and corners and let it almost dry before wiping
-repeat previous step but wipe off (almost like buffing) while wet.

I'm constantly amazed at how clean and soft this process makes my vinyl. It's almost halted the progressive worsening of my seats cracks - almost.

Is there anything I can do to delay trip to re-upholestry shop as long as possible?

I'm going to try using a product (Tear-Aid) that mzimme posted in this thread recently for S&G's...

Whadayathink - Am I wasting my time trying to patch these cracked out seats?

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