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After the things I have seen at the local boat launches the last month or so, nothing would surprise me. I would finish my beer, let out a big sigh, pull out my phone, fire up the video camera and then just start recording everything including all conversations.

I had a woman spend 10+ minutes sitting with her jeep/trailer at the launch last night just talking on her phone and not doing anything. Her boat was in the water and she saw no hurry to get her vehicle and trailer out of the way. When I asked her to move she said there was no place in the lot to park, so she was waiting for a place to park. I politely asked how is a place going to open up if you are blocking anyone from pulling their boat out? I then pointed to the 2 boats waiting out in the water to come in. She looked at me like she didn't have a clue and then said "but I can't pull out of here unless I have a place to park my car and trailer."
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