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Originally Posted by wilsonck View Post
well, in answer to your question, I had the cables connected to the switch, but not to the + post on the batteries yet. I was just laying things out to understand it all and when I got to what needed to go to the 1+2 or the common connection, that is where I started looking at the 2 cables left on the battery and figured that the one that goes to the starter had to go to the common post.... and I didn't want to cut any ends off.

I have read through the thread and looked at a bunch of schematics. But for some reason, the last step isn't clicking yet.
Look at the schematic closely.

The + cable from battery goes to a switch terminal (you'll have to determine). That allows isolation with different settings (depending on the switch setting and the ignition position). From the + terminal on the switch, that goes to the start battery. When you use the switch to prepare for liftoff, that setting will connect the battery to the starter as commanded by the ignition position (purple wire). I still do not fully understand your 'last step' dilemma. Wire it like the schematic shows and go from there. The schematic does not allow for any loose cables...

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