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I have a 2002 Prostar 209 and I have the blue Seas 9001e switch( 4 position OFF, 1, 2 or 1+2) that I wanted to install. My problem seems to be around the current positive pole of the single battery that was there.

I took the amp connections off the starter battery and moved to the house battery. I then had a positive cable from each battery to the switch and a ground cable between the negative posts on each battery. The only thing remaining was to move something from the start battery to the 1+2 post on the switch.

There are 2 cables remaining from the original setup on the positive post of my battery. One cable goes to the starter and has the regular battery post connector on it and the other one looks to go to the fuse box/ignition under the dash.

Are both of these cables supposed to go to common post? If so, then it appears that I need to cut off the regular battery post connector to put on a ring connector(I don't particularly want to do this)
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