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I finally got the new boat, and now I'm up in the air about what to do. In the coffin area where my 12" sub, box, and sub amp were located, there is now the perco switch and some sort of giant carbon filter EVAP system for the fuel tank. There is a lot less storage and the box for my sub will not fit. The factory free air sub is lack luster and not very crisp at all.

I'm thinking that I should sell my 12" P3 sub and 1000W amp, replace the factory 5 ch amp with the 900/5 and sell the factory amp, and possibly replace the 10" free air sub with a 12" free air sub (assuming it will fit). I haven't measured, but it looks like it will be close to fitting. Tower speaker plan is still the same - Rev8's and separate amp that I already have.

Any suggestions? Am I on the correct path? I still don't think there's room to easily mount 3 amps inside the storage compartment under the port side dash.
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