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I agree on the 100% switch session riding, or at lease see below on the 4-minute drill.

I also go to the cable park. I find myself riding switch much more there for a few reasons: 1) its easier at the cable park, 2) I tire out my normal side so I extend my session by switch riding, 3) I can do a 180 off the kicker because I go into it switch and I come out of it automatically without even having to thing about it (I only tried this once behind the boat and face planted - I have to go back to it). There have been days where I do 100% switch at the cable park.

Practice makes perfect.

Also (the 4-minute drill):

IMO, body position will ultimately determine the proper weighting of front vs back. I think that feeling of weighting the front foot more when riding switch is more of a feeling of the tenseness you are holding in the front foot - I have the same natural tendency to do the same! It sucks to be heavily dominate footed to one side wrt wakeboarding, skiing, etc.
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