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I'm not sure how to explain it in words but your observation about how you initially feel more comfortable with almost all of your weight forward when switch is a good one. That's what ultimately improved my regular jumps. When learning to ride regular I think everyone tends to put almost all of their weight on their rear foot. When you start trying to jump the wake that tends to cause you to absorb a lot of the energy of the wake and you get less air. Your weight is towards the rear of the board so when the front of the board hits the wake it tends to use the energy to rotate your body back.

Just like you, when I started riding switch a lot, I was more comfortable with my weight forward. Then when I started jumping the wake was just launching me vertical. Way more natural "pop" than I ever had experienced on my regular jumps in the past. From there I started shifting my weight forward on my regular jumps too and those got much higher as well. Now I always tell people lean forward and try to "stomp" the wake with your front foot. If your leg is straight and your weight is forward the wake will push you straight up.
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