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Originally Posted by Jeff d View Post
BTW I have a pretty decent excuse for sucking at switch for years. I literally had the first HyperLite board made:

The brand was actually H.O. and the model was the HyperLite. Later they started branding all of their boards as HyperLite. It had 3 big surfboard fins on the back and didn't ride switch very well at all. You kids with your symmetric boards don't know how good you have it!

I remember the first symmetric board coming out and it was the WakeTech 69. I wanted it so bad but I couldn't imagine my parents reaction to me owning a board called the "69" when I was like 15 years old. I would have gone from a Ho to a 69 I guess.
Such a sick board! I had one of those too, and the Eric Perez one with the face on the bottom. I also remember staring at the Flight 69 wishing I had the cash for that. The white, red and orange one Byerly and Gator used to ride was so awesome.

As for riding switch. I agree with the others, it just takes doing it to learn. Next time you're out, switch around, and consciously relax and stand up. It always feels awkward at first, but just stand up straight and cruise between your edges in slow turns. Get a patient boat driver and friends too, don't worry about giving up because you think you're annoying people. It just takes practice
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