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I do agree with the others, it's mostly practice and time. A few things they did while I was at the Boarding School to help with riding switch

1. Made whole sets switch, including getting up switch (not get up normal and surface 180)
2. Changed the wake. We actually spent quite a bit of time wakeboarding on the Prostar, to get rid of the intimidating wake when riding switch. If you don't have a ski boat available, just get rid of ballast, change speed, etc, so you get rid of the scary part and can focus on technique.
3. Over-Emphasized basic fundamentals: hip positions, handle/arm positions, etc. This will change your balance point
4. Carving drills - either inside the wake our outside. Lot of carving/edging drills, getting progressively more aggressive. To really edge, you have to get your foot balance

And if you really wanted to get more extreme, remove some of your fins - certainly the center fin, others if you can. Or use a cable park board. When the board is loose, you have to learn technique to control it.
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