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Alright guys I've got the amp hooked up and added a Polk DB series 10" sub under the drivers console. I have a question about the settings on my HU. It is a Sony CDX-GT33W with two pairs of RCA outputs on the back for front-out and sub/rear-out. In the manual it says to select sub-out if going to a sub and rear-out if going to an amplifier. What should I set it to? I know this may sound like an easy question, but it has me confused when it says "if going to an amplifier"?

Another question is about the low and high pass filters in the amp itself. The only option on the amp is for low pass at 80hz and high pass at 80hz. In this thread David Analog stated that 80hz low pass is too low for a 10 inch sub in a boat. In the settings of the HU there are low and high pass filter options with more choices. Can I set the amp to flat and use the settings in the HU? What would the recommended settings be for low and high?

Thanks for any help as I am a complete stereo illiterate.
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