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Carpet Replacement

Greetings all. I'm a proud new Mastercraft owner and this is my first post.

I have been a Nautique owner for more than a decade but finally decided to switch teams. I bought a "New" 2013 X-30 (it was my dealers demo boat last year) and had the Gen2 installed. The weather is finally getting good and I'm excited to get her out and have some fun. When I was at the dealership I noticed the 2014's had a new carpet (it's not really carpet) and I asked about getting them to sell me the same for my boat as the floor plan is exactly the same. They quoted me $2700 so obviously I didn't jump at it. Have any of you seen this stuff? Do any of you have it? It is a synthetic sponge-like material that looks great (it has the MC logo screened onto it). Looks like it would be easy to clean by just power washing off and is pretty comfortable under foot. I'm curious what it is called as my search attempts have turned up nothing. If you have it, what are the pro's and con's? For $2700 I feel like it would be worth the effort to track it down from the manufacturer and cut it out myself.

Happy Boating!
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