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Just as in any boat, find out what your engines maximum allowed RPM is and prop the boat so when at wide open throttle you are at that RPM. The higher the pitch, the less RPM and more speed, lower pitch, more RPM, better hole shot, and pull, but you will lose speed, and can over rev the engine. My 140 evinrude will do 56 mph with a 13x19 stainless 3 blade, and will tach at 5600 RPM, which is exactly at the engines rated RPM. With a 13x17 pitch it will pull like a tractor, but will easily over rev if you are not careful, and naturally it loses over 10 mph. I used the 17 when I wanted to ski the course, and when I wanted to just play, and go fast, the 19 pitch. Same thing in regards to propping applies to our inboard water tractors. You may still have some speed left to recover with the proper pitch propeller.

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