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Well decided against evaporust since it would just change the chemical make up of the rust and I wanted to remove it. I decided to try molasses I read about it for rust removal and I thought it's not very aggressive so no harm done if it doesn't work. I left it in for about a week and surprisingly it works very well but to be really affective I needed to hit it with a wire brush which is impossible inside the parts. So I decided to step it up to muratic acid which I was very weary about at first but it actually worked great. I just got a 5 gal bucket filled it 2/3 full and put 3/4 gal of muratic acid(what I had left in a jug) and let the pieces soak about 6 hours seemed to be perfect the washed it well and dipped it in a baking soda and soap bath and came out nice. I'm just waiting on them to dry to paint them and back on they go.
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