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Originally Posted by jdhart73 View Post
The one with only one port being used is to the KGB tank I believe? Are you saying to put a Y on the extra port off of that and run to your side coffin and cooler lockers? Not a bad idea but you would have to doing multiple Y's into the rear overflow as well with check valves which could be problematic for draining as well if I am thinking of this right?

If I am not picking up what you are putting down tell me how you would route everything given my proposed configuration. 2 900's in the rear lockers, 2 450's in the side coffins.
Sort of.... This is what I did.....

On the port side of my transmission there is a double stacked through hull with each port going to each rear pump. I left that just as it is. On the starboard side of the trans there is the same type of through hull, but only has one stacked outlet installed on it from the factory. My dealer got me the additional outlet to install on that through hull. (Now it is a 2 port through hull like the port side factory setup) supposedly, this style through hull can handle 3 ports without restricting flow on 12gpm pumps.

Now that I have the extra port, I used that for my extra pump, and then ran a pig tail hose into the cavern compartment. I am going to just use it to fill any bag, anywhere in the boat.

I think, if I was doing your setup, I would add 2 ports on to the KGB through hull and not use any Y fittings in the lines. Don't bother venting your coffin and cooler locker bags. They don't need it. The pumps can't overfill or burst the bags. Just install an air vent fitting on them, so that you can evacuate the accumulated air every once in a while. (Although my XStar setup never accumulated air at all. I don't think the 30 will either)

My weight setup is going to be- 200lbs lead in each corner in the back (hidden behind rear panels under the pumps), 300lbs lead up front, 1000lb bags in the lockers, and a 1000lb waterbed bag. Should be about 4500lbs total ballast although the rear bags only hold about 900-920 based on a very comprehensive sq/in calculation..... So about 4300 and change.

I still have bags for the coffin and cooler lockers but I am gonna give the mattress a shot first. It's only a few inches tall and you can walk on it etc.....
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