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The one with only one port being used is to the KGB tank I believe? Are you saying to put a Y on the extra port off of that and run to your side coffin and cooler lockers? Not a bad idea but you would have to doing multiple Y's into the rear overflow as well with check valves which could be problematic for draining as well if I am thinking of this right?

If I am not picking up what you are putting down tell me how you would route everything given my proposed configuration. 2 900's in the rear lockers, 2 450's in the side coffins.

Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
You have two existing ballast through hulls. One of which is a two port, and the other should only have one port on it. This design through hull can handle up to 3 1" ports without flow restriction. You only really need one more port added for your auxiliary bags. These through hulls use a "stacked port" configuration. Just add the second stacked port on the through hull that only has one port on it. You won't have any flow restrictions like that. This new setup that MC uses, is a lot better than their old "single through hull+manifold" setup.
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