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Since monsterwake asked if I plumbed the bow sac in, I figured I would post up some pictures of how I have it setup. I didn't want to add another pump, so I have a 3 way ball valve mounted behind the starboard rear seat in the hatch that will switch flow from the kgb to the bow triangle. When we hit the water I start filling the 750s and the kgb. I also throw a tsunami pump on the open bow triangle. When the kgb fills, I switch the flow from that pump to the open bow triangle. When the bow triangle is close to full I take the tsunami off and cap the top port on the triangle. The bow triangle usually finishes filling about the same time the 750s are full. Since the bow sac isn't up there all of the time, I have a hose in the ski locker with a quick release fitting on it. I also added a small bilge access port in the ski locker lid to run the hose through. Before I added the bilge access port, the ski locker wouldn't shut with the bow triangle up front and people we always stepping on it and kinking the hose. I also added a 12v adapter up front right under the bow filler cushion because I got tired of reaching under the dash to hook up the pumps.

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