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So I finally got to test the new propeller today. I went back to the original prop and took the crew for their ski runs. then took the 17 prop off and put the 19 so I had a back to back reference. The 19 Is unreal. pulls 2 people out of the deep and it reduced my ski revs by 900 revs!!!!!!!! I was skiing at 4900 (50mph) with the 17 inch pitch I put the 19 inch on and it came down to 4000 rpms. The boat trims so much easier and runs a lot smoother. I took a mate of mine and my finacee for a ski together. Now by themselves they skied at around 4100 rpms with the 17. I put the 19 on and took the pair together and their engine rpms came to 3800 with 2 people skiing. with the 17 the boat ran 59 mph at 6200 rpm. with me and a mate in it roughly 220 kgs of human weight. changed the prop 19 and ran it again and got 64mph at 5900 rpm. Would I recommend the 19 bloody oath. fantastic allround performance propeller for our style of boats. Over the easter weekend Ill be testing a 21 and 24 ( the 24 is a 4 blade).
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