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Originally Posted by jdeml View Post
Any way to produce some Rings that fit Wet sound Pro 60s and 80s? I have LEDs just looking for some rings to lay over speaker under grill. Thanks
Check in with Earmark Marine on these. Here's why. The Pro80 and Pro60 rings need to be unique in that they cannot space out the HLCD driver so that the motor structure is pulled out of the internal cradle. Without this support the heavy driver is dependent on only four #8 screws into ABS plastic. And with the shock of a towboat, a loose driver could seriously injure someone...maybe critically. The Earmark rings, for this reason, are approved by Wetsounds.
The Earmark Pro80/60 custom rings are 0.75" thick, rabbeted, and shine light from both the inside and outside of the diffuser ring, which is unique to this ring.
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