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Originally Posted by TN Skier View Post
Good luck with it...finding a used one! I have increased your odds however; I am ordering a brand new trailer for my '92...this should cause a market flood of used trailers in EXCELLENT shape to hit the market!

The trailer that I have currently needs someone with some time and skills to get it back in shape as well...I will probably sell it cheap or part it out once the new one arrives in a few weeks...I had considered using it another season maybe 2, I only have to make short hauls to the lake (less than 10 miles)...The wife has her eye on going to some lakes further away several times this year, figured we might as well go ahead and take the plunge.

Good luck with your search though!

Who did you go with for the new one if you don't mind me asking. Did you go dual or single axle and do you mind tell me cost? I haul the boat around a lot and up to 400 miles round trip from time to time so a new one might be the way to go. I just know I am going to hate the cost.
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