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Originally Posted by David Analog View Post
The 900/5 is enough power to drive four inboat speakers very well. Just make sure that this particular amplifier is always run into a symmetrical front and rear impedance load. The sub channel is independent and on its own power supply so there isn't a concern on channel 5.
Four channels of the 900/5 bridged into two tower speakers will be about the same amount of power as two channels of the 600/4. Four channels of the 600/4 bridged into two 7.7" tower speakers is a bit rich....although very dynamic. Initial tuning would be critical as would staying disciplined as the day grows long and your ears become fatiqued.
Get with Odin at Earmark Marine for your purchase. He can then walk you through the best tuning procedure. I don't know of anyone who has his grasp of acoustics.
Thanks for the advice, David. It looks like the more bang for the buck is to go with the Bullet 770's to replace the factory JL's. I wanted to make sure that I had enough amp to drive them. My son is always telling me he can't hear the music while he's wakeboarding. Hopefully this will help!

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