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You might be able to get shock extensions but not positive. Mine just has an extra leaf in the back and then the fronts (I assumed) were cranked up just a bit. Enough to fit 305's in there.

If you lift it, you may lose Autoride with aftermarket shocks. I would recommend the Bilsteins 5100's or nicer. However, once Autoride shocks are removed, it sends a signal to the computer and you get a "service ride suspension" error light. Some have suggested using a diode of some sort to trick the computer that everything is OK but I don't know how effective this is.

The ABS and possibly another component are also tied to the autoride system. So, investigate before pulling the trigger.

I just changed my shocks at an Amazon bargin price of $200/shock! I so wanted to go to Bilsteins but didn't want to deal with a potential error code. Heck, I still got an error due to a faulty "new" shock. I have since replaced that one but required a dealer visit to determine which one was bad.

Anyways, food for thought.

Here's the only pic I could find of our truck on this computer.....
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