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Originally Posted by bhanson View Post
Excellent feedback, thank you. I have 3 amps and it gets toasty in there, so will definitely install a fan this spring. In addition, has anyone installed a vent to allow heat to escape? There is already a vent with tube that goes underfloor for air circulation, so what do you think if I just disconnected that tube to allow direct airflow in/out of the amp area?
That should be your bilge intake for fresh air. A safety minded person would say "bad idea"
Question is, how often do you run your blower now? (should is another question).
Devils advocate - Many older boats have cracks in the hose anyway and fresh air will still be drawn into bilge even if disconnected (assuming you don't smell fumes while sitting).
I am not sure without a fan forcing air out there would be enough convection? like a chimney with flue open but not vents under fireplace. You could test it; allow to get warm then remove hose and come back in an hour. I know with my cuddy, opening the hatch makes a difference but that is 15x15 not 3". much depends if there is a breeze blowing.

Maybe remove a front seat cushion if there is enough gap in the bulkhead?
Or take out the glove box liner? Everything that fits in there likely would fit a small container which is easier to dig though anyway
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