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Originally Posted by adrenalinteufel View Post
A stop at advance auto, an hour in the tank and a shot of starting fluid later it fired right up! Thanks for the help. I am showing only 48 psi though, is this something that will clear up once I get it in the water and run some fresh gas through it?

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48 seems a little low, but I think you will be fine. The pump will pump 45 gallons per hour and I would think it's just your regulator that is keeping it at 48 psi. I would check the psi at WOT.

One thing to double check is that there are no kinks in the fuel line running from the pump to the regulator inside the tank. I believe another TT member had that issue after he changed out the pump.

All of the pumps listed are interchangeable.

Originally Posted by Jayhawk View Post
The predator has one too.
Thanks for the info!!

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