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Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
Blowing directly on the amp is most important, IMO. Get the air moving over the amps which is where the most heat transfer can occur. All the better if you can open the compartment. Even an inch, will help a lot.

Yes, directly from genny. I plug my battery power supply cord direct and a power strip to my cuddy.
Run transmitter, a second fan for amps on the other side; crock pot, led party lights, cell phone chargers, what ever else comes up. Its addictively convenient.

I can see where a little 100-250w 12v inverter could work on days when you didn't want to pack the genny, but like I said, genny is awesome!
Excellent feedback, thank you. I have 3 amps and it gets toasty in there, so will definitely install a fan this spring. In addition, has anyone installed a vent to allow heat to escape? There is already a vent with tube that goes underfloor for air circulation, so what do you think if I just disconnected that tube to allow direct airflow in/out of the amp area?
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