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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Discount Inboard Marine would be a good place to start.
Here is the place to go, even without the part number they can figure it out. Most likely the Drive shaft is bent.. .003 is NOT alot of play, and if the rudder and rudder port are bent I would be shocked if your drive shaft is not bent. the good news is if you use the USA discount code you at least get 10% off.. so that helps, is the prop reconditioned? If so that may or may not have been done properly so have that checked as don't forget to order a new one of those or have the old one checked.

Good luck, it really isn't all that hard to do, don't forget to have it re-aligned or do it yourself.

Besides now you know it is done and done right, and don't forget to repack it,
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