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Originally Posted by rydog View Post
It's hard to tell from the pictures bit when you say oxidation do you mean from like years outside? My boat sits in the water all summer so the bottom of the hull got stained and dull, would I use the same procedure?
Oxidation is typically (using that word loose-lipped) from UV exposure and no care for the fiberglass (wax, etc).

Sitting in the water all summer is different. You may very well be able to clean your issue of neglect with toilet bowl cleaner (seriously).

Unless water docking is the only option, leaving a boat in the water for months on end is not the best approach for fiberglass care. As a result of that, likely (merely a guess on my part) you are also inducing UV exposure to other parts of the boat (thus oxidation.. a lighter chalky-looking consequence of UV damage). Grime and yellowing may be considered oxidation in one sense or another but I don't consider that anything other than a least-desirable way for boat docking or storage and poor care (honesty not a malicious statement). Eventually the glass will start to de-laminate and/or bubble from water saturation. Fiberglass is porous....

Now, if the grunge doesn't clean up with bowl cleaner, then a compound cut or sanding may be required.

Best on cleaning and restoration.
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RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....

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