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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
I just clean the wood and cover it. Unless it's just a mess, it will go on just fine. However, I have had fairly clean boards for the last three I have done. I'd probably give the board a pressure wash and let it dry. Unless the board is trashed out, I don't see any value added to sanding. No prep for me on the bare wood. I think most of these guys that sand do it for show purposes at boat gatherings. I like to keep it simple.

Can't stress enough to wipe it down before the excess starts to dry. Put the first coat on and let it sit for no more than an hour on a mildly warm day, then wipe it off as much as you can. Then let it dry completely (24-48 hours) before the second coat. Wipe it clean too on the second coat after a short time.

The excess will not soak in before it dries as a film on the board. Makes for a less than desirable results. More is not better in this case.

Thanks Chuck, my platform is fairly clean but also neglected. It does not look like it has been oiled in a few years. I think I will pressure wash it, let it dry, lightly sand then apply your special mix.
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