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Originally Posted by lake weir skier View Post
BrianM, which Lake Country wool pads are you using for your initial step with 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound? Twisted wool? Foamed wool? Size?

I’m pretty much trying to duplicate your methods with a Flex 3401, which has a motion similar to your Makita B06040 in its orbital plus forced rotation mode.
Not speaking for Brian, but the twisted wool is the ticket for the 3MSD Compound. They cost a little more but they also will give you a better result as well as a little longer life for use. I like to have three on hand for working a long while, keep two clean as I use another. They dry out quickly if you'll put the head in a 5 gal bucket and spin out the water with the buffer. Otherwise it's slow drying and a long wait when the other pad gets dirty. I do not buy the special soap they offer at $3.00 per pack. Dish washing liquid soap works just fine.

The size will depend on your machine. If it has a 5" backing plate, you'll need a 6-1/2" diameter pad. Please double check this information for your machine.

Lake Country is good stuff. I too have followed Brian's methodology with satisfactory results. Buy the curved edge pads.

A circular machine will cut a little better and the random orbital works well from there on out. The random orbital will work fine if a circular is not available.

Microfiber cloth towels are a must. I find those in 30 packs at Sam's Club or Costco for little of nothing.
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