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I would agree with BT except I would simply clean it very well, wetsand and wax. Even the rubrail if currently presentable, I would leave. These are different than say a car with bald tires and crap brakes versus advertising a car with "brand new tires and brakes" People are familiar with brakes and tires. Not so much with perfect pass. Reminds me of a buddy who had a very nice KTM dirt bike with a ton of add ons. When he decided to sell he added up the price of all the bling he put on the bike and expected to get nearly what he had into it which was more than a brand new stock bike. If a guy's ad states: Well I've got XX$ into it so the least I would take is XX$ it means he's trying to forward his overspending, foolish or not onto you. No thanks I'd say enjoy your $2000 skull wrapped X-star and move along. My $.02
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