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X2-X1 best all around boat in the used market
'05 looks clean should be able to pick it up in the low $30s
350 hp MCX, clamping swivel board racks, Perfect Pass, JL stereo system, tandem axel trailer w/ aluminum wheels. Pull the graphics and its a sharp boat
'07 is a nice boat with zero upgrades, the listed boat was the budget/entry level offering
310 hp standard board racks, no perfect pass, aftermarket stereo, sgl axel trailer w/steel wheels, not worth more than $30k
If you put the two of them side by side you'll most likely be driving away with the '05 at least that's what I would do

just researched a little and found this, offer low $30k, If I could I'd drive home with this one just for grins
Another '05 X2 for <30k

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