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Fusion MS-RA205-JL M400/4 help

Has anyone connected a JL M400/4 amp to a Fusion MS-RA205 head units speaker output? Do I need a line output converter or can I splice an RCA jack to the speaker out and connect to the amp? Fusion MS-RA205 has 2 zones with 4 speaker outputs and one RCA out for amp. I am using RCA out to connect one JL M400/4 Amp to drive tower speakers. That leaves me with (4 x 50W) speaker outputs for the in boat speakers. My plan was to connect a JL M400/4 amp to speaker output. According to JL manual The M400/4’s input sections are designed to accept signal voltages from 100mV – 4V. This will accommodate all preamp level signals and many speaker level signals. I know in some cases line output converter is needed to step it down before Amp input. Looking for info before I blowup something.

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