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Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
Just so I'm clear, there still will be an interrupt when you key the starter, right? And there is no way to avoid that (w/ single battery setup). I recently replaced the head unit with a Sony Blue tooth and rewired to the Acc switch. Like you said, turning it off and on (without starting) will not interrupt the stereo system, which is nice. However, cranking it does interrupt, at least on mine.

Coincidentally, the only reason I got the unit with BT, was so it would interrupt the music when a call is received. We tend to have the phones in the glovebox, making them hard to hear. We are frequently out on the water when the kids show up (finally) and we have to go back and pick them up. New unit is installed, but we haven't had it out yet.
It doesnt have to be this way, believe me. The head-unit's yellow needs to be wired to a constant B+ and the red turn-on is to a rocker thats also fed with a constant B+. So as I stated, when wired correctly, and it can be wired correctly, there is no interruption of the stereo by the key.
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