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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
Yea, the Colts did great the year he went down with his neck injury.

Young was a 'badass' and was better than montana because he was a better athlete, not only that, but both of them were in SF for 13 years. 3 of those overlapped where Young was the back-up and montana only had 5000 more yards passing than Young.

Russel Wilson is nothing special. He is a good/average QB that makes few mistakes and I'm happy for his victory. And he is from the Big 10.
Wilson is pretty special when it comes to his composure and leadership skills. He doesn't get flustered or out of sync if plays don't go his way or he gets tons of pass rush pressure. Manning sure looked flustered on Sunday, you never saw that out of Wilson during the season when he was getting lots of pressure. I would agree he doesn't throw for tons of yards like a Manning, Brady, or Rogers but give him some time and to this point he hasn't needed to throw for tons of yards to win the Super Bowl.
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