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Originally Posted by _fng_ View Post
I got the carpet replaced professionally (or so I thought) and was quiet displeased. As you can see from the pictures they only replaced the base carpet which I agreed to because they said it would be an exact match (which it isn't). Also the butting of the two pieces together is crap and already a little fraying. My fiancee says I'm over critical and it looks good but I think for $800 (I took the old carpet out) that I would get damn good results but that may be MCOCD setting in over time.

Anyone have suggestions to cover the edges between the floor and gunnels where the two different carpet pieces meet?
Take the combing pads off - 3 fasteners holding them on 2 upper deck and 2 two floor (at least mine are. Then you could replace that. Don't forget the carpet in the front in the compartments under those cushions...

Looks good from pictures. did they do the base of dog house?

No such thing about being over critical about the MC... is this the right girl for you? ... just sayin' - just kidding of course...
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